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Why Debt Settlement?

Debt relief provides an alternative solution to handling your debt, instead of Bankruptcy.  We negotiate directly with your creditors to get them to forgive a portion of the debt that you owe.  Our programs are designed to have you out of debt anywhere from 12-36 months.

DMB Financial has been offering debt settlement services for over 10 years.  During that timeframe, we have successfully settled over $353 Million dollars for our nationwide clientele.  If we do not settle your debt you pay us nothing!

Our debt resolution programs are designed to settle debts that include credit cards, personal loans and even some medical bills.

Debt settlement provides an alternative to bankruptcy.  Are you struggling to pay your minimum payments?  Are the balances on your credit cards close to or over the limits?   Are you paying the minimums every month and not seeing the balances coming down?

If so, our performance based debt settlement program might be exactly what you need to resolve your debts once and for all!

debt contest

DMB Financial's $100 Treasure Hunt

DMB Financial is committed to helping everyone get out of debt. Each week we are going to be giving away $100 to the first person who can find our hiding spot!

Starting on Monday, we will be posting 1 clue per day to our Facebook site to help guide you.
The first person to find the envelope and post a photo using the hashtag provided wins $100 CASH. Tweet it to @dmbfinancial or post it on our Facebook page.

As a bonus, if you are a current DMB Financial client, we will double the prize to $200 CASH!
So good luck to all treasure hunters!

*Employees of DMB Financial and family members of DMB Financial employees are not eligible.